Our idea

Ideas are all around us, it’s our job to get them, maybe catching them before the others and finally capturing them. That’s what happened to us, thinking about the industrial design, about craftsmanship, which we have in our DNA, about recycling and about wood, so ancient but so modern at the same time. And then the colours, in infinite shades. But all of this wasn’t enough for us, we wanted something more, something that would revolutionize, something new, never tried before,and here came the idea of La Bottega del Camaleonte. The chameleon, always different, yet always itself. Our furniture is like this, wood forms repeated in infinite combinations, taking from time to time the appearance of a table, of a chair, of a bookcase, of a consolle, of a bookshelf, of a stool. Pieces of furniture which were at the same time versatile changing colour, like the chameleon, but which remained coherent to themselves, ancient materials reused in a modern style. The true innovation lies in our use of wood, planks of 3 different lengths, which can be turned over, revealing a different colour, but which are also interchangeable between the rest of our units and inside the same unit, giving you infinite variants of the same unit and always a new look. Moving them is easy for everyone, it’s a sort of game you can do alone or with other people, to let loose your imagination and always having a fresh look without having to change the furniture.