Our products

Together is a dining table 140x70 cm, which is really good at making the coloured planks stand out on its big surface. I this case we only coloured one side of the planks, leaving the other free to show off the beauty of raw wood. Our wood is all aged, gotten from the carpenter’s shop, in order to have the least possible natural impact. The colours are non-toxic, odorless and the products used are diluted in water.

Every table is unique, because the designer herself paints all the planks that make up the unit.

Number One is a shelf adequate to every room of the house, it looks great in a wine-bar design, but also in a living room or a kitchen. It’s size makes extremely versatile. Like the rest of the collection it is made up of planks painted on both faces, interchangeable between the rest of our units.
Long Line is a consolle that keeps our main characteristic: the 70x35 cm planks, here increased to 210 cm. Like the rest of the collection it is made up of planks painted on both faces, interchangeable between the rest of our units. There also is the option to get a suspended compartment where you can insert a dvd reader or another electronic device.

Hide is a chair made for people with little space in the house, for those who wish to always have things easily accessible, for those children who love to hide their favorite games. This is the basic version, but it can be personalized depending on the requests of the client.

Hide can be transformed in a stool or a bedside table, or even be extended to become a small bench.

Funny is a piece of furniture created for the TV, a DVD player and maybe a play station, in brief a platform for the fun and free time of all the family. It is also available with wheels, it has 4 handy drawers, where you can store cables, headphones and DVDs. As for the rest of the collection it is customizable, deciding colours and dimensions.
Blacky is the larger version of our magnetic blackboards, but in this case it becomes a multifunctional piece of furniture, because it is available with a series of accessories which make it suitable for a kitchen, an office or also an entrance. So we created optionals that range from umbrella stands to knobs to little wooden drawers and small coloured vases. Dimensions vary depending on the chosen use.

Old Plank is a coffee table with a drawer openable from both sides. The planks that make it up were recycled from old wood in the carpenter’s shop, full of marks left from time and traces of paint. For a more classical look, we can make it out of iron and either coloured or refined wood.

Old Plank can have different kinds of knobs.

Hang is a shelf more adequate to be next to a table or couch, since it offers the possibility to watch the blue colour of the planks from underneath when standing, and the green from on top when standing. It is also available with the structure in enamelled iron and oak
Pretty is a piece of furniture which can fit well in a kitchen, as a handy larder with drawers, as a bookcase in children’s rooms as well as in an office, or in a bathroom, where you can hang hand towels and everything you don’t want to keep in sight. In this version we chose to varnish the iron grey and to use oak wood, but of course it’s also available in apparently non treated iron and the usual coloured planks. In regard to the drawers you can choose at what height to put them, depending on personal necessities.

Blackboard is a magnetic blackboard with coloured and personalisable frames with magnets gotten from everyday objects, like buttons or else. All of the metal sheets are obtained from the blacksmith’s leftovers and have an aged look to them, due to the rust. A particular treatment permits us to exalt time’s effects and freezing them in a specific moment, without affectig the object’s quality or durability. Particular versions and original sign can be requested.