Who we are

gianni-e-monica-a-lavoroAfter spending years writing, before as a journalist and then as a writer, Monica Stori has decided to try a new creative adventure, deciding to dedicate her time to  interior design.She had already designed jewelry in the past but now, with this new challenge, she wants to realize what she imagines, in a sector which is always searching for innovations. Together with Domenico Pescetelli e Gianni Babbi, two renown Trevignano artisans, beautiful town on next to the Bracciano lake, Monica has started to produce furniture recycling materials that would otherwise get thrown away.The goal is to recreate the industrial design of the first years of the ‘900s, but taking into consideration modern necessities, where space is always less and big furniture is consequently becoming more unpractical. As such, the chair has a hidden space which can be used as a container, like the library which can have drawers. The coffee table is double-faced so to be able to get positioned in front of the couch and next to it. Every unit is unique, completely handmade and painted by the designer herself.

Domenico Monica e Gianni
Gianni Domenico e Monica